Celebrating 30 Years of Service to our Members

I always come to LI events thinking I cannot afford the time. I always leave thinking I cannot afford to miss LI.
- Health System CMO
Best set of meetings I attend; great content, practical and applicable ideas, including strategies or tactics to avoid; great networking opportunities; fine staff who attend to both big picture and details of successful meetings, and excellent conference venues.
- Health System Chief Strategist
I appreciate the support, the friendships and the professional development opportunities LI has provided for me.
-Thomas Auer, M.D., Chief Executive Officer
The continuity of membership and highly talented, quality members are the enduring strength of LI.
- Health System EVP
The general insight from the seasoned LI membership on conceptual issues is very useful…networking is one of the most valuable attributes of LI.
- Health System CFO
First, I am a tough grader, and I can’t think of any other outside organization I give higher marks to. Big value is from getting away with team and getting perspective in honest discussions.
- Health System SVP

Mission & Vision


The primary mission of The Leadership Institute is to enhance the capacity of executive leadership teams from provider-sponsored, nonprofit health systems to govern and manage. A critical role of the Institute is to facilitate the development of true partnerships among physicians and hospitals as their systems and related technologies evolve. Roundtable and virtual forum methodologies provide a foundation for reasoned analysis that can help generate improved judgment and broadened points of view for health leaders as they plan and implement responsible innovations in health and care delivery.


By facilitating the exchange and exploration of different perspectives, information, and experiences related to common issues and challenges of health systems, LI provides a strategic, deliberative process leading to inspired and innovative actions. These efforts are timely, and coincide with present and future requirements of health systems as they forge new frontiers in health and care delivery.

The Leadership Institute is intended to provide members with added value and competitive advantage, including value to their communities. Fellow Institute members share a compatibility of purpose, values, behaviors, and functionality with each other which include:

      • Community-based care models
      • Grounded in a not-for-profit historic context
      • Committed to collaborative, values-based decision-making and planning
      • Customer-driven
      • Responsible innovation

By bringing together senior management and physician leadership to explore, reflect, and assess the challenges facing their delivery organizations, The Leadership Institute offers a unique and ongoing opportunity to its members to focus on issues collectively rather than in isolation.

As innovations in the provision of health care delivery are planned and implemented by Institute members, members will benefit from the open and frank exchange of ideas and knowledge of their fellow members in similar key decision-making roles.