The Leadership Institute was established in 1992 as an exclusive membership organization dedicated to advancing the governance and management of integrated healthcare delivery systems. The goals and objectives of The Leadership Institute, as well as the Roundtable methodology, were developed and refined over the summer of 1992 with significant input from The Leadership Institute Advisory Panel, which held its founding meeting on June 16, 1992.


The Leadership Institute is distinguished by the methodology it employs when bringing together both lay and physician leadership from care delivery systems. Through highly interactive Roundtable sessions and services, The Leadership Institute is an important catalyst for advancing governance and leadership of care delivery systems.  The Leadership Institute offers a number of services to its members to support them in their key decision-making roles including three annual Roundtable meetings, a CEO Forum, Medical Bullpen, a national network, centralized online clearinghouse service, literature service, recruitment service, retreat support, facilitated site visits, web site services, physician peer review support, CME and ACHE credit, and affinity groups.



Richard E. Wesslund is the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of The Leadership Institute. He is also the Founder and Managing Director of BDC Advisors, LLC, a health care consulting practice. The Leadership Institute was inspired by Mr. Wesslund's client work with BDC Advisors, LLC which underscored the need for a forum for care delivery system leaders to collectively explore the challenges facing their organizations. 


Rebecca L. Harrington is Co-Founder and President of The Leadership Institute, which she overseen since its inception. She was responsible for the original planning, development, and implementation of The Leadership Institute.  Her responsibilities include executive management of all Institute operations, interfacing with Institute member leadership, and oversight of thought leadership, programming, and Institute development. 

To ensure maximum benefit to our members, we have grouped leading care delivery systems into non-competing clusters. In 1999 - 2000, the second membership cluster, the Millennium Group, was established to extend membership to additional systems. The third membership cluster, the Horizon Group, was launched in 2004.


As The Leadership Institute expands its membership and services, it will continue to affiliate with the preeminent care delivery systems in each major region of the country through a process that maintains current member quality and compatibility. Membership is by sponsored invitation only. By sharing with each other, and building best demonstrated practices in healthcare delivery, The Leadership Institute will ultimately influence policy and establish leading industry standards.